7 Home Remedies For Face: Get A Fresh And Smooth Skin

Shining, smooth and clean skin of the face – the dream of every woman. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to use professional cosmetics or use expensive services of a cosmetologist. Therefore, many people take care of Home Remedies, create their own cosmetic products based on Vegetables, fruits, oils, Herbs, and other useful and natural ingredients. The publication will talk about the most affordable and Effective Home Remedies For Skin Care of the face.

Home Remedies For Face | How To Get Glowing Skin In 2 Weeks

There are quite a few ways to care for your face at home, Get Glowing Skin Naturally without resorting to using commercial creams, tonics, scrubs, and other cosmetics.

Home (domestic)  products are a unique opportunity for the skin to take a good break from chemistry and rejuvenate.

Before you start applying the products prepared by yourself with your own hands at home, you need to remember a few important rules for skin care of your face:

Glowing Skin Secrets

  1. Ingredients for masks, scrubs, and lotions should always be fresh.
  2. Before applying it is necessary to completely clean the face from makeup.
  3. You can not use products with a high content of vitamin C for dry skin type, such ingredients are acceptable only for the oily face.
  4. To wash off the masks, cooked with your own hands, you need warm water. Masks based on vegetable and aromatic oils do not need to be washed off, just wet your face with a dry paper towel.
  5. The skin around the eyes is very thin, for this area, before applying a homemade mask, use fatty creams.
  6. To improve the turgor of the skin using products with high water content.

Due to the universal components and the recipe of home remedies proven over the years, it is possible to give the skin a healthy appearance, increase its elasticity, get rid of rashes, rejuvenate the epithelium. And the preparation of such cosmetic products takes only a few minutes.

Hydrogen Peroxide For Acne – Best Friend In The Fight Against Acne

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the best bactericidal and drying agents often used in cosmetology. Despite its insecurity, the right percentage of peroxide allows you to quickly get rid of black spots, acne, and acne.

Hydrogen peroxide for the face is also used as a bleaching ingredient in the manufacture of homemade masks and as an effective anti-wrinkle treatment. Some tips on Skin Care with peroxide:

How Can You Quickly Remove The Swelling And Wrinkles Under The Eyes?

Recently, I came across an interesting post about how cosmetologists breed on facial rejuvenation procedures. Its author, a young 27-year-old girl, described in detail her experience of “rejuvenation”.

It turns out that you can almost immediately get rid of many skin problems without cosmetics, Botox and other well-known methods of rejuvenation.

  • 3% solution is considered the safest for the face; it can be added to tonic or used to clarify freckles in pure form;
  • use peroxide only on the affected areas of the skin;
  • Whitening is allowed not more than 1 time per week, otherwise, you can Burn The Skin Fat and lose your natural complexion.

One of the most popular peroxide-based recipes is a mask with liquid honey and aloe. To do this, 1 tablespoon of honey is mixed with the same amount of fresh aloe juice and 2 drops of 3% peroxide.

Problem areas are covered with the prepared mass and after a quarter of an hour, they have washed away with warm running water.

Omega 3 Fish Oil Benefits – Natural Makeup of The Skin

Fish oil is an indispensable home remedy. It helps to improve the appearance and enrichment of a full set of vitamins, which is rich in fish oil. It is used not only for the preparation of masks. Omega 3 Fish oil may Benefit for heart disease and High Blood Pressor.

But also for internal use, due to which all slags and toxins that cause acne are removed from the body. Fish oil for the face and its benefits:

  • suitable for all skin types;
  • an ideal component for young girls and women in age;
  • effectively smooths wrinkles;
  • nourishes the skin of the face;
  • improves appearance;
  • normalizes hormonal and metabolic processes;
  • tones up.

A popular mask recipe is prepared on the basis of capsular fish oil. To do this, simply arm yourself with a syringe and fully extend the contents of the capsule and then apply a thin layer of fat on problem areas (forehead, chin, eyes).

The Benefits of Cucumber Skin

Cucumber is a natural nourishing face serum rich in vitamins. Due to the high water content, cucumber is considered a natural absorbent, moisturizer and a storehouse of vitamins (B1, B2, ascorbic, K, iodine, sulfur). That is why this super-powerful ingredient is used in cosmetology. What is useful for skin cucumber:

Glowing Skin Overnight Using Cucumber

  • Has a rejuvenating and regenerating effect;
  • Refreshing;
  • Improves turgor;
  • Positive effect on metabolic processes;
  • Removes Dark Circles Under Eyes;
  • Removes puffiness;
  • Tones up;
  • Eliminates age spots.

If you need to get rid of dark circles around the eyes, eliminate pigment spots, cheer up or refresh, you need to use a cucumber for the face in the form of slices or circles.

Also, the skin of the face is threatened with dehydration, then a mask based on grated cucumber or cucumber juice, oatmeal, cottage cheese will always come to the rescue.

Coffee Scrub Benefits – A Source of Antioxidants And Vitamins

For problem skin, coffee scrubs will become a real lifeline on the path to beauty and health. The advantages of this ingredient quite a lot:

  • source of antioxidants and vitamins;
  • activates the natural production of collagen;
  • causes skin tone;
  • improves appearance;
  • eliminates oily shine;
  • relieves swelling;
  • smooths age wrinkles.

How to make a coffee scrub at home? To do this, you need to use natural personally ground coffee (1 tbsp. L.), Dry cosmetic clay (1 tbsp. L.), Olive or linseed oil (1 tsp.), Liquid honey (1 tsp.).

Mix the dry ingredients well, add hot, boiling water and mix the coffee well with the clay until the consistency of the sour cream, add the liquid ingredients and mix well again.

The mask is applied to the entire surface of the face for 20 minutes, then washed off with warm running water.

Before resorting to coffee cosmetology, you should consult with a specialist and make sure that you are not allergic to coffee. After all, like honey, it is quite a strong allergen.

Mayonnaise Is An Affordable Acne Remedy

Before you start applying mayonnaise on your face, you need to remember a few rules for skin care of the face in this way.

Shopping mayonnaise can hardly be called natural, so experienced cosmetologists recommend creating it with your own hands.

If, however, to make it yourself there is no desire or nothing, then it is best to purchase a high-quality product.

Mayonnaise for the face is a universal nutritional component suitable for any skin type. It is considered a natural face serum that can quickly nourish, moisturize, soften and eliminate dryness.

How to improve the appearance of the skin with mayonnaise? To help are ready to come proven popular recipes. To do this, 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise is mixed with the same amount of heavy cream, sour cream or vegetable oil.

For dry skin any option is suitable. To nourish the skin, it is enough to hold such a tool on the face for about 20 minutes, then remove it with warm water.

Sage Benefits For Skin

Sage is a versatile home ingredient (domestic ingredient) suitable for all skin types. It is used as a lotion for the affected skin, as a decoration for washing, as the basis for tonic or masks. What can sage help with?

  •  Eliminates Keratinized dry skin;
  • eliminates oily shine;
  • fights inflammation;
  • eliminates black spots, acne, blackheads;
  • Smooth’s age wrinkles;
  • removes morning puffiness;
  • gives the skin a healthy color.

Tips for Caring Your Face With Sage

  • To relieve inflammation, you can prepare a lotion with the addition of a tablespoon of aloe juice and propolis extract (10 drops);
  • It is possible to get rid of rashes, to tone the skin in the morning with a sage decoction, for this, 5 tablespoons of dry herbs are steamed with a liter of boiling water, after cooling, use the resulting decoction for washing.

The Benefit of Yeast For Face

The first mention of yeast for cosmetic purposes was found in the XIV century BC. in ancient Egypt.

The beneficial properties of these unicellular fungi are also used by modern women to treat the problems of the epidermis and its rejuvenation. The yeast face mask is famous for its magical transformation of the skin.

The composition of this product includes amino acids, vitamins of group B, PP and C, minerals and other chemical compounds.

They improve the functioning of cells, nourish, strengthen their structure, resist the aging and wilting processes. But the main secret lies in the enzymes that produce mushrooms.

They play the role of catalysts of metabolic processes, contribute to the elimination of toxins, so the face looks fresher and healthier.

Yeast Mask

The appearance of wrinkles at an early age scares women for a reason. Mask of yeast for the face of wrinkles will help at 100%. She does not harm the young owners of such defects. For the preparation of anti-aging mixture will need:

  • 25 g of live yeast.
  • 5 medium strawberries.

From strawberries, cook mashed potatoes. Heat in his bath and mix with a yeast product. The composition should be homogeneous, without lumps. Put the mass before the formation of bubbles in the heat, covered with a towel.

When ready, apply the mixture on the cover in several layers. Hold for 15–20 minutes. Wash off the remnants of the composition and fix the result with a moisturizing cream.

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